Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It was great to have a 4 day weekend to get this room squared away. It's important to me to have a space that feels good and functions well - I think I've finally got it. The new set-up is comfy and efficient for me and can function well with 2 guests and their own projects.
I reconfigured the bookshelves to accommodate my record collection and set up my record player on an antique sewing cabinet. When I need extra room, the cabinet opens up and extends into a 5 foot work surface.
I'm using the peg board for even more stuff with the new arrangement. I made that sparkly eye patch for a pirate party last new year's eve. The lamp was a wedding gift that has finally found a good spot in the house - it had been in a closet for way too long.
The lavender background is a half-finished painting from a few years ago. It's a section of fake wood panelling that I pulled out of someone's trash way back when. I decided to give it a third life as a support for my new inspiration board - ready to be filled up with ideas & whatever turns my crank.

Now it's time to use it!!!

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